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The high quality of our partners combined with a vast catalog of shapes, colors, fabrics and details are at your disposal to create each time a different ambience in tune with your style.


Our brands:
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B&B Italia





Living Divani

De Padova


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Armchairs Coat - Moroso Table Concorde, chairs Grace - Poliform Sofa Ray - B&B Italia Chairs Papilio, table Link - B&B Italia Sofa Gentry, armchair Fjord - Moroso Sofa Extra Wall - Living Divani Wall cabinets Self - Rimadesio Sofa Husk-sofa, armchair Tabano - B&B Italia Bookcase Ex-libris, table Metallica - Porro Sofa Bristol, armchair Santa Monica, libreria Wall System - Poliform TableTabula - Rimadesio Sofa Dune, armchair Ventura Lounge, shelves Sintesi - Poliform Small tables 3Table, bookcase Load it - Poliform Sofa M.a.s.s.a.s - Moroso Wall system Flat C, poltrona Metropolitan - B&B Italia Sofa Charles, armchair Mart - B&B Italia Sofa and armchairs Wall - Living Divani Bookcase Skip, sofa Metropolitan - Poliform Armchair Mart, sofa Andy - B&B Italia Sofa Solo'14, armchair metropolitan, small table Tobi Ishi - B&B Italia Wall system Sintesi - Poliform Sofa and armchair Carmel - Poliform Sofa Rod - Living Divani Sofa Soft Wall - Living Divani Cabinet Modern, table Fractal - Porro Sofa Neo Wall - Living Divani Sofa Field, armchairs Fjord, small tables Phoenix - Moroso Sofa Frank - B&b Italia Sofa Bristol, armchair Mad Chair - Poliform Sofa and armchair Santa Monica, boocase Wall System - Poliform Sofa Gentry, armchair a Line For a Walk - Moroso wall system Abacus Living - Rimadesio Sofa Lowland, armchair Clarissa - Moroso Table Manta - Rimadesio Sofa Love (me) Tender, armchair Fjord - Moroso Sofa I Le - Living Divani Sofa Park, armchair Snake, bookcase Wall System - Polifiorm Sofas Rod XL - Living Divani Tavolo Howard, sedie Ventura - Poliform Chairs Iuta, table Athos - B&B Italia Sofa Extra Soft - Living Divani Sofa e armchair Redondo, small tables Fergana- Moroso Sofa Spring, armchair Paper Planes - Moroso Sofa Bend-sofa - B&B Italia Sofa and armchairs  Chemise - Living Divani Armchair Husk, sofa Tufty-time - B&B Italia