Selection of projects primarily for residential use.
Our projects, arise from a careful analysis of the space and needs of the customer.
Each phase of our projects, from the initial draft of systems and structures to create more photorealistic renderings of proposals until the final installation, is followed carefully and in great best replica watches detail so that the final result is exactly what the customer wants.


Progetto 23

K_01 Kitchen based on large volumes with a extremely professional connotation but that does not give up elegance determined by a selection of warm and enveloping colors and from the choosing of a dry and clean line.

Progetto 24

K_0 Kitchen with a strong scenic character inserted in a picturesque setting overlooking the caves of Matera. In a warm and welcoming fake breitling watches ambinece framed by the tuff of the star vaults, come alive a convivial kitchen, where the work area naturally declines towards the table and where steel and wood blend harmoniously, giving the room a connotation at the same time professional and hospitable. .

Progetto 3

K_03 Residential project for the realization of a kitchen and dining area inside a classical scenario defined by large vaults.
To enhance the volumes and place's light we have chosen an Artematica Vitrum Valcuicne, illuminated in a scenographic way by elegant and best replica watches discreet lights as the lamps Miss Davide Groppi.

Progetto 21

H_1 Interior design's project of a private house in the United Arab Emirates.
We have choosen the iconic pieces of Italian design that fit perfectly in an international ambience, characterized by important views and windows.
The ambiences are enhanced by volumes exalted by light and precious finishes.
The pool and outdoor bar were designed rolex uk replica to create a discreet ambience enhanced by warm and relaxing spotlights.

Progetto 22

L_01 A large open space's project where the fresh and solar colors of the kitchen blend harmoniously with the reassuring chromatic delicacy of the living cheap fake breitling area. A small study area is well integrated with the living space through a functional and airy divider, creating a fun game of volumes. Cuts of light on the walls are extend on cealing in a scenographic way, adorned by the use of large beech planks that gives the place a warm and enchanting atmosphere.

Progetto 24

L_02 Residential project, where minimal objects find the rolex replica uk right exaltation thanks to a studied play of colors and lights that donates a comfortable and snug aspect to the location.

Progetto 18

L_03Private house living room's project. The place has a strong visual impact due to the richness of details.
We have choosen to play with contrasts of light and materials. Stairs decorated with glass  and copper panels define a large room decorated with a fireplace and a large scenic wall decor that frame the dining area. A rich convivial sofa mens replica watches uk completes the scene.

Progetto 20

O_1 Outdoor furnitures' project in a private villa. The extremely clean and geometric shapes of the structure well coexist with the items of B&B Italia's furnitures characterized by the lightness of plots that seem woven for a final sophisticated cheap replica watches uk effect that plays on the forms' lightness.

Progetto 25

B_1 Bathroom based on neutral tones to create a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. Clean lines, lights, volumes and different replica watches for sale heights create a welcoming and reassuring space embellished with a romantic view of the garden.

Progetto 4

L_04 Large open space's project used both as a kitchen and living area .
Light cuts in plasterboard and natural stone walls are the replica rolex watches backdrop to a extremely essential atmosphere based on items of furniture with clean and geometric shapes.
The details and colors in the living area blend gradually into the total white of the kitchen area, where extremely pure and linear shapes of a Boffi kitchen creates a discreet and functional place.


K_04 A kitchen where the central island follows the natural projection of the room to create a perspective effect slender and perfectly integrated into the room.  A stainless fitted wall creates a clean and professional backdrop.

Progetto 14

B_02 Details of a project for a Boffi bathroom based on contrasts where ancient fir wood shelves create a delicate visual effect and enrich the ambience with games of volumes and shapes.

Progetto 5

K_05 Residential project for the realization of a kitchen integrated into a space distinguish by large volumes and a large glazed wall that allow us to create a unique place where the dining area is completely integrated to the work plans and snacks , to recreate an extremely replica watches convivial space.
The dining plan by solid wood is an ideal breaking point for an ambience based on white furnishings, enhanced by natural light.

progetto 11

BR_01 Residential project for a teenager's room . To amplify the limited space we have chosen a completely white furnitures that gives light to the ambience.
The clean and geometric shape of the  N.H.Moormann company, attentive to the trend of Scandinavian design , has allowed us to create a discreet and functional place freely customizable by the inspiration of the fake watches youngest.

Progetto 16

L-05 Residential project for the realization of a large living area defined by large windows . The volumes of the place in gray cement are heated by replica watches boards of parquet extended on walls and integrated with warm colors and cozy furniture complements by B&B Italia.

Progetto 8

K_06 Residential project for a Boffi kitchen model developed to recreate a cozy and relaxing ambience , where all the replica watches uk spaces have been exploited to the maximum for not sacrificing convenience .

Progetto 19

L_06 Residential project for a living open space dominated by the light and enhanced by spectacular volumes , like the fireplace that runs along the wall to frame the elements of furniture characterized by a specific black & white choice of colors replica watches.

Progetto 9

K_07 Residential project for a kitchen and a dining area.
The kitchen elegant and essential is enhanced by the brightness of the frame flowing down the spaces almost to delimit the spaces .
Pendant Davide Groppi enhance and add warmth to the répliques montres furnishing details with harmonics lights .
The wood table creates a cozy ambience that is harmoniously integrated with the rest of the house through Rimadesio sliding panels , which increased the size .

Progetto 15

L_07 Residential project for a living area characterized by open spaces delimited by plasterboard volumes framing the place marked by choice of suisse répliques montres iconic Italian designpieces harmoniously integrated each other.

Progetto 17

L_08 Project for the living space dominated replica watches for sale by light where we have enhance the purity of spaces through the choice of minimal and discrete decor items, simply embellished with details of color and strong scenic impact wallpaper .

Progetto 7

K_08 Residential project for a kitchen designed to meet in an intimate place all the practical needs of the customer .
The roughness of the solid wood snack bar creates a pleasant contrast with the smoothness of the material worktop in white Carrara marble .

Progetto 13

B_03 Project of residential bathroom dominated by gray shades of the concrete walls and tiles , on which we worked through the choice of materials and colors that create a delicate contrast with the surrounding ambience .
The warmth of the wood bases and black ceramic suspended complements enhances the space giving it a extremely elegant connotation.

Progetto 2

K_09 Residential project designed for an open space where the kitchen is harmoniously integrated to the living area.
The geometry and linearity of tje kitchen is well blended with a comfortable and functional couch, ideal for everyday use  A simple solution, ideal for a young and convivial location.